Running In Seattle 20160719 — Run Results & Calendar Addition

July 20, 2016

Mud & Chocolate (3mi, Robinswood Park in Bellevue, Saturday July 16, 2016).
Mud & Chocolate (3mi, Robinswood Park in Bellevue, Saturday July 18, 2015).

5th annual Snohomish River Run (10K & Half Marathon, downtown Snohomish — 8 miles east of Everett, Sunday October 9).


Running In Seattle 20160712 — Run Results & Calendar Addition

July 12, 2016

There is no Torchlight Parade Run this year.  If you want to be where the parade floats are, the West Seattle community has one for you, at the Float Dodger 5K.  Following the run, stay for the West Seattle Summer Parade and enjoy a Root Beer or Orange Float.

Run Results:
Run For The Pies (5K, Carnation, Monday July 4).

Calendar Addition:
3rd annual Float Dodger (5K, Hiawatha Community Center in West Seattle, Saturday July 23).

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Running In Seattle 20160705 — Run Results & Calendar Addition

July 6, 2016

2nd Annual Firecracker 5K (Capitol Grounds in Olympia, Monday July 4).

9th Annual Tacoma Narrows Half (13mi, Tacoma Narrows Airport to downtown Tacoma, Saturday August 27).

Running In Seattle 20160704 — Run Results & Calendar Addition

July 5, 2016

3rd Annual Snoqualmie Valley Run (13mi & 10K, Tolt McDonald Park in Carnation, Saturday June 11).  

Twilight Half Marathon (13mi, Vancouver Lake Park in Vancouver WA, Saturday July 9).

Running In Seattle 20160701 — Run Results & Calendar Additions

July 2, 2016

The very popular Light At The End of The Tunnel Marathon is over with for this year.  But for those who missed out, there is a Tunnel Light Marathon coming up in September.  However, that’s also booked.  Try again next year!

You do have chances to register for a pair of runs put together by Beats fans.  You know, Beats Music, Beats Electronics, Beats Headphones, etc.  The run events are at

10th Annual Light At The End of The Tunnel (26mi, Snoqualmie to North Bend, Sunday June 12).

Summer Beats (13mi & 10K, Lake Tye Park in Monroe, Sunday August 21).
Kla Ha Ya (5K & 10K, downtown Snohomish, Saturday July 16) — kids run available.

Running In Seattle 20160628 — Run Results & Calendar Addition

June 29, 2016

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that we’re coming up on the thirty-third edition of the Crown of Queen Anne fun run, a community event organized by the Queen Anne Helpline social services organization.  It’s a very flat course meandering around the top of Queen Anne.

At the other end of the longevity spectrum is the new Sneakers & Sirens run, which took place this past weekend, benefitting the Special Olympics and the Safe Call Now charity.

Sneakers & Sirens (5K & 10K, Kamiak High School in Mukilteo — 23 miles north of downtown Seattle, Saturday June 25).

33rd Annual Crown of Queen Anne (5.5K or 3.4 miles, Queen Anne Lutheran Church in Seattle, Saturday July 9).

Running In Seattle 20160626 — Run Results & Calendar Addition

June 27, 2016

On May 20, I discussed the problem hitting local road races.  The proliferation of too many running events has spread the universe of runners too thinly — resulting in a reduction in participation in almost all runs.  Two major examples of road races that have been cancelled this year are the Firecracker 5000 and the Seafair Torchlight Pirate Run.

Yesterday, the once-popular Run Of The Mill completed with only 514 finishers.  Last year, 768 runners crossed the finish line.  This is a shortfall of 33%.  But the problem runs even deeper.  The 2014 event had 1,070 finishers.  And during its heyday, the 2009 Run Of The Mill attracted 1,586 runners who happily finished this popular event.

What has happened?  What is going on?  A lot of things come to mind besides the proliferation of running events.  We can blame the economy; we could blame the toxic political election rhetoric; we can blame Brexit — England voting to leave the European Union.  Lots of other factors.  We shall see if Run Of The Mill can survive this downturn — tune in next year!

Another running event that has been around for several seasons is the Alki Beach Run for Hope and Healing, an organization that helps provide financial assistance to patients overwhelmed by the expenses of medical care.  The inaugural event began in 2003 as a Half Marathon.  In 2008, the Alki Beach Run was shortened to an easier 5K distance and participation increased significantly.  The proceeds are directed towards assistance for breast cancer survivors.

31st Annual Run of the Mill (5K, Mill Creek Town Center in Mill Creek, Saturday June 25).

14th Annual Alki Beach Run (5K, Alki Beach Bathhouse in West Seattle, Sunday August 28).

Running In Seattle 20160625 — Run Results & Calendar Additions

June 26, 2016

The 17th Annual Furry 5K Run has come and gone.  That’s a different kind of experience if you haven’t run with dogs before.

Coming up is the Jack & Jill Downhill Marathon.  It’s called a Downhill Marathon because it’s all downhill.  Well, actually 23 miles of it is downhill with a gradual 2,000 foot net drop.  A Half-Marathon is also available.  Unfortunately, both events are sold out — it’s really popular when you advertise that you are putting on an all-downhill run.

The organizers have added an alternate Half-Marathon run for those who could not get into the Jack & Jill.  The Iron Horse Downhill Half Marathon is a month later and space is still available.

Results of 17th Annual Furry 5K (5K, Seward Park, Sunday June 12).

Jack & Jill Downhill Marathon (26mi & 13mi, Sunday July 31, North Bend starting from Hyak).

Inaugural Iron Horse Half Marathon (13mi, Sunday August 28, North Bend starting from Olallie State Park).

Running In Seattle 20160624 — Run Results & Calendar Addition

June 25, 2016

All done — results of the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, including the half marathon and the 8K.

We are adding the Galloping Gertie Half Marathon that takes runners across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  This bridge is on the site of the original bridge that collapsed on November 7, 1940 due to heavy winds that made the bridge deck gallop up and down and all around until it was no more.  The current structure was opened on October 14, 1950.  Due to heavy traffic volumes, a second bridge was added in July 2007 to carry eastbound traffic; the 1950 bridge carries westbound traffic.

Results of 8th Annual Rock’n’Roll Marathon (8K, Seattle Center, Saturday June 18).

7th Annual Galloping Gertie (13mi, 10K & 5K, Uptown Shopping Center in Gig Harbor, Saturday August 13) — Kids Run Available.

Running In Seattle 20160623 — Run Results & Calendar Addition

June 23, 2016

Ready now — results of the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon.  There were 11,720 finishers, and 62% of them were women.  On the other hand, the full marathon had 58% men.

If you would like to run a road race that is not run on the road at all, try the Refuse To Abuse at and in Seattle’s baseball stadium, Safeco Field.  You start by running around the stadium outdoors, then up and down the ramps (no stairs) to every level, winding up with a trek around the baseball warning track and past the pitchers’ bullpen.  This is a timed USATF-certified event.

Results of 8th Annual Rock’n’Roll Marathon (13mi, Seattle Center, Saturday June 18).

5th Annual Refuse To Abuse (5K, Safeco Field in Seattle, Saturday July 9).